Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Let the voting for AU Classes begin!

Hey all! In a shameless bit of advertising, AU is looking to have the general public vote to see which classes they want to make the slate in December. Don't forget to vote for your favorite speaker!

I've submitted 2 topics this year. One will be an encore presentation of "Implementation Tools and Techniques That No CAD Manager Can Live Without" and the other will be "Making Autodesk Products Sing the Interoperability Highway Song".

The second class I mentioned will have Melanie Santer, Tod Wallace, Carlos Orona and myself as co-speakers. Your vote can help make these classes happen! Use this link to go vote for a class! All you need is an AU Online account. Look for other U.S. CAD instructors listed in the speaker list – vote for them! Get their classes approved!

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