Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Again, ACA 2011 and AMEP 2011 missing menus and toolbars

I made a post last year about the menus and toolbars missing in ACA and AMEP.

Again, Autodesk has done the same to the 2011 versions of these products. While it doesn't bother me that they are trying to get people to use the ribbon, it bothers a lot of the customers I work with. I am fine with using the ribbon even though many users are not. The official response from Autodesk support is that they have not built menus and toolbars yet for 2011. Then they said, the ones for 2010 still work, here they are, but you have to manually perform the process to add them to your CUI. While I know how to do that, I am guessing a large number of customers I work with will not be happy with this.

Is it just me or am I crazy to think Autodesk should continue to supply current CUI files containing menu's and toolbars? I'd love to see some comments on this.


Ralf said...
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Ralf said...

I moved our company from ACA2009 to ACA2011. When Autodesk says that the menus will work but you need to move them over to have them. That really means that it partially works and you have to fight the software. For Autodesk a company that never seems to take any thing out of there software (there is still screen menus in 2011 the was a dos based tool) they don't care if it breaks on the move forward. Breaks here meaning that among the 500 system variables they love to change the name for the commands that menus execute so when you move them over you have to rebuild have of them. My users are smart but for the cost of this software they want to be productive not burning time fixing menus.