Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A detour

Well, in a previous post I discussed the possibility of me getting more in depth with Design Visualization involving VIZ and MAX, but also the interoperability between those and other Autodesk applications such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, and civil and manufacturing solutions. Before I get more in depth I will be getting into the nitty gritty of Revit Architecture 2008. So right now my focus is more on Revit in depth. After this I will be going more in depth.

I'm also planning on a CAD Management class and a MAX class for our upcoming SCCS in August. Check back here for some tidbits on what those will involve and why you will want to be there.


J said...

CAD Management??? Get in with BIM, my friend; CAD is going the way of 'pounce'...if you never hand (ink) drafted you may not know what that is!!!

Howz life? Guess you're getting Revit-ized after all!!! Great to hear.

If or when you get back into production you will find that CAD and ADT or whatever they want to call it today IS already dead!!! yes some people will hold out but I still ask: Where are all those hand drafters??? Not doing many (if any) buildings of impact or worth any more, that's where...unless they learned to use a computer. Now, the CAD dinosaur is on the clock.

CU soon??? -J

Steve Bennett said...

Oh J... BIM management just wouldn't sound right... I dunno... Would it make you happy if i called it Application Management? It really will be geared towards multiple applications, versions and locations and how to manage the mess that legacy has left and what future growth has created.

Life is stellar right now actually. I have a feeling you are right about the CAD being dead (or as some used to call it - CADD - what for I don't know but I digress), but whatever will you do about your blog title? :-) Revit is so stupid easy it's not even funny.

See you around bro.