Monday, September 21, 2009

How a golf cart ride can change your world

I think this website lies. It says July 13th was my last post. It just can't be. 21st of September already you say? More than 2 months without a post? Well, I guess I could just go edit the time of the last posting, but that wouldn't be fair now, would it? Anyways, my apologies for being distracted this summer. Between kids, work, moving and other activities, I just haven't had the time I usually do.

Earlier this month I had a little dream fulfilled - working behind the scenes at Disneyland resort in Anaheim, CA. Call it childish if you want, but I have always been fascinated with what lies on the "other" side of the fence. Cast members walk in and out like there is nothing special about it. The thing is, growing up as a kid, there were always all these stories of what "might" happen if you went and explored the other side without invitation. Well, now I've finally seen the other side and somehow, even the other side is magical. It will be a day looong remembered in the empire...

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Phil Yates said...

It is very cool to actually go behind the Disney curtain. I got to drive down Main Street once after hours, in my own car. it was surreal.