Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ocean's 7

Yesterday I upgraded my work laptop OS to Windows 7 64bit. So far its been alright. Found my printer drivers fine - including my home printer. I was able to install most Autodesk 2010 applications and just finished installing AutoCAD Architecture 2009. So far that list includes AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, Revit Arch/Struct/MEP, Navisworks, Maya, Motion Builder, Mudbox and of course Design Review. Also just installed the latest version of MachStudio Pro (v1.4), Photoshop Elements 7.0 some Google apps and a slew of other unrelated apps. So far the only bust was trying to install Star Wars: Empire at War. It didn't like the key I input. It could be I've installed it too many times with that key or a problem with the OS. I'll research that later - I don't play it that much anymore so its not that important. But for now I'm rather happy.

Startup times for my laptop before ran in the 10 minute range before I could sit down and start opening apps and working. Now its booted, logged on and ready to go in well under 5 minutes. Plus everything just seems so much snappier - windows open/close faster, etc. A couple programs toss up an error message upon launch, but they don't seem to affect things so far. We will see how they go. The real test will be to see if I can install AutoCAD Architecture 2008. For now I'm going to save that for another day...

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Goody said...

When you get around to ACA 2008, you will need to replace some files due to Autodesk deciding 2008 couldn't be installed on 64 bit. I got the files straight from Autodesk when I requested them.