Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No More VIZ Render

I knew there would be a select few wondering were VIZ Render (VIZR) has gone to when they load ACA2008. This portion of ACA (formerly ADT) has been discontinued. In my opinion, it has always been lacking in features to make it really useful. In addition to that, I found it extremely cumbersome to use after spending so much time using full VIZ and MAX as well. Really, what you should be looking into, is the core 3D functionality that was added to AutoCAD (actually rebuilt) starting with the release in 2007. They incorporated the mental ray engine that has been part of MAX and VIZ for some time now. So now you can achieve the same effects in AutoCAD/ACA as you could have done with VIZR - only without the pain of linking your model, struggling thru the material editor that lacked many features of VIZ and not having to worry what happens when you have an update to the building. Of course you can still link to VIZ or MAX, but that is only if you have them as a whole.


red2002yzfr1 said...
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red2002yzfr1 said...

That sucks, I had to install ADT 2007 just to use VIZ, which has some of my Arch2008 confused or more commonly Fatal Error-ing. You can't run vizrender from Arch08, gives an error. So I had to install ADT2007 and running it from there. When I am done, I un-install ADT2007, because of the adverse effects it does to Arch2008. I am muscleing through it, but this is a real downer for us "dangerous" animators.