Thursday, November 29, 2007

ACA/AMEP Community meet and Flying during lunch

So our meeting with some of the members from the ACA/AMEP Community on AUGI went well. There were about 6 of us all together which I thought was a good start. After lunch I took off for the exhibit floor and talked with the folks from Boxx systems which was nice. I got a shirt from them in my last class of the day yesterday and that gave a good opening to talk with them. Let's see if we can organize a better planned lunch next year! I also spoke with Shaan Hurley for a bit which was great too. He had some good insight into where to find some info on Newport...

After that I stopped by the flight deck. If you watched the general session video I posted it showed what looked like Google Earth and the guy flying into it and around a city. Well guess what. That was an Autodesk piece of software built using Autodesk apps. The controls were a joystick that works with any flight simulator and showed your speed from 0 to Mach 1. This model was much more detailed than Google earth which simply drapes satellite imagery over terrain. This was an actual model built of Washington D.C. and this thing ran smooth as butter. What a trip that was to use the same thing they were running in that demo! Stay tuned to Autodesk labs for more developing info on this promising tool!

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