Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Bone

So I ate at the Delmonico Steakhouse last night - owned by Emeril. What a great dinner that was! From atmosphere to wine to appetizers, it was fantastic. Then came the steak - a bone in Rib eye. Mmmm Mm! I was already filling up from the appetizers and salad and stuff so I wasn't quite able to finish the whole thing and found myself staring regretfully at the remaining meat still on the bone. It was calling to me to finish it and my stomach was yelling at me to stop. Then came the waitress asking if I was done and I really couldn't make up my mind so she said she would come back in a little and see how I was doing. 5 minutes later and I was day dreaming fantasy's of doing things with that bone that just aren't acceptable to do in a fine dinning restaurant. The waitress comes back by and takes one look and asks are you done now? I was like, yeah, I'm DONE. Then they go and ask if we would like to see the dessert menu. I'm a sucker for dessert and everyone else wanted to see the menu too. I looked it over and asked if she recommended anything and she said yeah, the pecan pie is really good - something which I was eyeing anyways. That pie had the best crust I've ever had - I never eat the crust either. After that pie and trying a little of the banana cream pie another had and some of the double chocolate fudge pie, I had a slight problem with me belly... but boy oh boy that was super good stuff. That meal rendered me useless the rest of the evening so I retired early for once - an unusual thing for me to do at AU. :-)

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