Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have seen so many people I know - its incredible! I can't seem to go 10' without having someone stop me and say, hey I know you or something like that. Some shout outs go to - in no particular order, Ben, Craig, Rebecca, Mike, Melanie, Blads, CAD Mama, CAD Kitty, Cosmo, Mark, Chris, Phil, Shane, Bob, David, Scott, Scott, Steve, Mark (I sure do know a lot of people with the same name), Sylvi, JF, Louis, Eddie, Joe, etc., etc...

Sorry if I missed your name but my memory hasn't been the same during AU - I've been drinking the forgetful juice... :-)

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Jane Smith said...

This week has been a blur. It was good to see everyone again, & meet lots of new people.